Welcome to my website, glad you came to check it out. I'm Michel, the person behind the photographs found around here. I live in Switzerland, where also I took most of the photographs on this site. In addition to that you can find images taken on extended trips to America.

I started taking pictures when I was 15 years old and like many beginners I took pictures of everything around me without focusing on specific subjects or topics much. Then we were tasked with coming up with our own creative project in high school. At that time I was fascinated with how humans interact with the things they create, specifically technology. I set out to document these interactions in the public space - people using technology in their daily lives. I quickly realized that the most frequently used piece of technology were smartphones. Observing the amount of attention people were directing at these small screens left me with a feeling of fascination and bewilderment at the same time. Driven by these feelings I continued working on the project titled Homo technologicus for a few years and developed a critical eye for all the human - smartphone interactions, including my own.

Observing the amount of time humans spend immersed in the artificial worlds displayed on displays of various sizes motivated me to go in the other direction. For me, that was immersing myself in nature and documenting its beauty. And so my passion for outdoor and nature photography came about.

Sustainability is an important topic for me and I try my best to limit the impact my photography has on the planet. This is also why this website is hosted on infrastructure powered by certified green energy.